Melania Brescia

                                                                                       JULY 2014   

22/07/2014  21:33

"There are many questions everybody wonder all the time… What do I want? What do I need? What’s the appropiate, the reasonable, the best?

There’s this fear, this new fear.

I love and I fear.

It’s crazy how fast humans can get used to something and how easy they forget. How easy a simple choice can hurt others, and how difficult it is to decide who do you prefer to hurt with that choice. Because there’s always someone.

How much are you willing to sacrifice? Would you hurt and forget your home so you can create your own? What if it’s the wrong choice? You will lose and you’ll all suffer.

It’s all selfishness in the end.

It’s all painful and more complicated than you thought when you were a teen trying to run away because you thought noone cared. Now you see with wide opened eyes and now you have something to lose. You always have.

And in the end there’s only one question… How much are you willing to sacrifice for the uncertain future?”


                                                                                  JUNE 2014   

07/07/2014  14:55

"I feel like a wave is swallowing me. Constantly, on the shore. One after another, over and over again.

And I can’t breathe. My cold body keeps hitting the solid sand and the rocks with the strength of every rough sea.

I am bleeding and disoriented.

I hope I’m able to find home when I start breathing again.”